Inventory by Stakeholder

Each stakeholder is associated with one or more systems or "elements" that make up the regional transportation system. This table sorts the inventory by stakeholder, so each stakeholder can easily identify and review the information for all elements that they own and operate.

AmtrakOwnsAmtrak Pacific Surfliner
Archive Data UsersOperatesArchive Data User Systems
OwnsArchive Data User Systems
Cal OES – Governors Office of Emergency ServicesOwnsCal OES Data Distribution Communications System
OwnsCal OES Public Safety
OwnsCal OES Spill Data Archive
California DMVOwnsCA Department of Motor Vehicles
OwnsCA DMV Enforcement Vehicles
OwnsSingle State Registration System (SSRS)
California Toll Operators Committee (CTOC – FasTrak)OwnsToll Reconciliation Clearinghouse
Caltrans District 11OwnsCaltrans D11 Asset Management Systems
OwnsCaltrans D11 Connected Vehicle Equipment
OwnsCaltrans D11 Fiber Optic Network
OwnsCaltrans D11 Field Equipment
OwnsCaltrans D11 Intermodal TMC
OwnsCaltrans D11 Security Monitoring
OwnsCaltrans Data User System
OwnsCaltrans Edge ITS Field Equipment
OwnsCaltrans Electronic Bypass Stations
 Caltrans Maintenance and Construction Personnel
OwnsCaltrans Maintenance Operations
OwnsCaltrans Maintenance WZ Field Equipment
OwnsCaltrans MCO Equipment Repair
 Caltrans MCO Field Personnel
OwnsCaltrans MCO Vehicles
OwnsCaltrans SD County Southbound Border Wait Time Field Sites
OwnsCaltrans Security Monitoring Equipment
OwnsCaltrans Service Monitoring System for CV
 Caltrans TMC Operator
OwnsCaltrans Website
OwnsCaltrans WIM Stations
OwnsConnected Vehicle Roadside Equip – Mobility
OwnsConnected Vehicle Roadside Equip – Security
OwnsOther District State DOT TMCs
Caltrans HQOwnsCalifornia Transportation Planning System
OwnsCaltrans HQ Asset Management System
OwnsCaltrans HQ Maintenance Administration
OwnsCaltrans Performance Measurement System
OwnsCaltrans RWIS
OwnsCaltrans RWIS Field Equipment
Car Rental AgenciesOwnsCar Rental Multimodal
CHP – CA Dept of Public SafetyOwnsCHP – Statewide Integrated Reporting System (SWITRS)
OwnsCHP Dispatch
OwnsCHP Vehicles
CHP – Commercial Vehicle SectionOwnsCalifornia Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
OwnsCalifornia CVIEW System
OwnsCalifornia CVO Credentials/Permitting Interface
OwnsCHP Commercial Vehicle Administration
OwnsExcise Summary Terminal Activity Reporting System (ExSTARS)
OwnsState CVO Electronic Permitting System
OwnsUS Automated Roadside Inspection and Enforcement Systems
City of San DiegoOwnsSan Diego City Curb Parking Management Center
OwnsSan Diego City Curbside Area Equipment
OwnsSan Diego Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
OwnsSan Diego Data Archive
OwnsSan Diego Data User Systems
OwnsSan Diego DPW Vehicles
OwnsSan Diego DPW–GS– Equipment Repair
OwnsSan Diego Edge ITS Field Equipment
OwnsSan Diego Electronic Charging Stations
OwnsSan Diego Emergency Management Center
OwnsSan Diego Engineering – Construction
OwnsSan Diego Fire and Rescue Vehicles
OwnsSan Diego Fire–Rescue Dispatch
OwnsSan Diego Fleet Management
OwnsSan Diego Fleet Vehicles
OwnsSan Diego HAZMAT Team
OwnsSan Diego Infrastructure Asset Management
OwnsSan Diego ITS Field Equipment
OwnsSan Diego Maintenance of Roadway Equipment
OwnsSan Diego Parking Enforcement Systems
OwnsSan Diego Payment Admin Center
OwnsSan Diego PD Vehicles
OwnsSan Diego Permitting Center
OwnsSan Diego Police Dept Dispatch
OwnsSan Diego TIC and Website
OwnsSan Diego Traffic Management Center
Electronic Charging Station Owners/OperatorsOwnsElectronic Charging Station Management
FHWAOwnsNPMRDS FHWA Performance System
Financial Institutions – Crypto–currencyOwnsFinancial Institutions
Financial Institutions – Tolling–ParkingOwnsFinancial Institutions – Tolling
FMCSAOwnsCommercial Drivers License Information System (CDLIS)
OwnsPRISM Central Site
OwnsSafety and Fitness Electronic Record (SAFER)
Freight Distribution Center OwnersOwnsFreight Distribution Center
Freight ShippersOwnsFreight Shipping System
OwnsFreight Trucks for Port Activities
Level 1 Cities in San DiegoOwnsLevel 1 Cities Asset Management Center
OwnsLevel 1 Cities Data Archive
OwnsLevel 1 Cities Data User Systems
OwnsLevel 1 Cities Edge ITS Field Equipment
OwnsLevel 1 Cities Electronic Charging Stations
OwnsLevel 1 Cities EOCs–EMC
OwnsLevel 1 Cities Equipment Repair
OwnsLevel 1 Cities Fire Dispatch
OwnsLevel 1 Cities Fire Vehicles
OwnsLevel 1 Cities Fleet Vehicles
OwnsLevel 1 Cities Permitting Center
OwnsLevel 1 Cities Police Dispatch
OwnsLevel 1 Cities Police Vehicles
OwnsLevel 1 Cities Public Works TMC
OwnsLevel 1 Cities Public Works Vehicles
OwnsLevel 1 Cities Signals ITS Field Equipment
Level 2 Cities in San DiegoOwns911 Calls in San Diego
OwnsLevel 2 Cities Asset Management Center
OwnsLevel 2 Cities Connected Vehicle Equipment
OwnsLevel 2 Cities Curb Parking Management Center
OwnsLevel 2 Cities Curbside Parking Area Equipment
OwnsLevel 2 Cities Data Archive
OwnsLevel 2 Cities Data User Systems
OwnsLevel 2 Cities Edge ITS Field Equipment
OwnsLevel 2 Cities Electronic Charging Stations
OwnsLevel 2 Cities EOCs–EMC
OwnsLevel 2 Cities Equipment Repair Facility
OwnsLevel 2 Cities Fire and Rescue Dispatch
OwnsLevel 2 Cities Fire and Rescue Vehicles
OwnsLevel 2 Cities Fleet Management
OwnsLevel 2 Cities Fleet Vehicles
OwnsLevel 2 Cities ITS Field Equipment
OwnsLevel 2 Cities MCO Dispatch
OwnsLevel 2 Cities MCO Vehicles
OwnsLevel 2 Cities Payment Admin Center
OwnsLevel 2 Cities Permitting Center
OwnsLevel 2 Cities Police Department Dispatch
OwnsLevel 2 Cities Police Department Vehicles
OwnsLevel 2 Cities TIC and Websites
OwnsLevel 2 Cities Traffic Ops Center
Local MediaOwnsTV, Local Print and Broadcast Media
OwnsWide Area Alerting Systems
Metropolitan Transit System (MTS)OwnsMTS Archived Data System
OwnsMTS Buses
OwnsMTS Centralized Train Control
OwnsMTS Data User Systems
OwnsMTS Light Rail Cars
OwnsMTS Paratransit Dispatch
OwnsMTS Paratransit Vehicle
OwnsMTS Rail Maintenance Garage–Yard
OwnsMTS System Stations and Transfer Points
OwnsMTS Transit Dispatch
OwnsMTS Transit Enforcement
OwnsMTS Transit Enforcement Vehicle
OwnsMTS Transit Heavy Rail for Tunnel
OwnsMTS Transit Maintenance Vehicles
OwnsMTS Transit Security Monitoring Equipment
OwnsMTS Transit–Rail Field Equipment
OwnsMTS Wayside Equipment
Mexican Baja Coordinación Estatal de Protección CivilOwnsCenter – Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil
OwnsDispatch – Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil
Mexican Baja SIDURTOwnsBaja SIDURT Field Equipment
OwnsCentro de Gestion del Trafico de Sonora (TMC)
OwnsMexican Agency Information Displays
OwnsMexican Baja SIDUE Website
OwnsMexican InfoViaje
OwnsMexican State DOT Maintenance Services
Micro Mobility CompaniesOwnsMicro Mobility Services
OwnsMicro Mobility vehicles rented for commutes
Municipio de TijuanaOwnsTijuana Field Equipment
OwnsTijuana Traffic Operations Center
North County Transit District (NCTD)OwnsNCTD GTFS– Archived Data
OwnsNCTD Coaster, Sprinter, Breeze Vehicles
OwnsNCTD Data User System
OwnsNCTD FLEX and LIFT Dispatch
OwnsNCTD LIFT Para and FLEX Vehicles
OwnsNCTD Next Train Arrival
OwnsNCTD Rail Maintenance Garage–Yard
OwnsNCTD Ticket Sales Kiosk
OwnsNCTD Transit Information Center
OwnsNCTD Transit Security Monitoring
OwnsNCTD Transit–Rail Maintenance Vehicles
OwnsNCTD Transit–Rail Track Field Equipment
OwnsNCTD Wayside Equipment
Operation Respond InstituteOwnsOperation Respond
Port of San DiegoOwnsIntermodal Port Facility Systems
OwnsPort Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
OwnsSan Diego Port Terminal Facility
Private Commercial CarriersOwnsCommercial Fleet Management
OwnsCommercial Vehicles
OwnsDriver Identification Card
OwnsFleet Management Systems
OwnsFreight Containers
Private Mobility Shuttle CompaniesOwnsPrivate Mobility on Demand Shuttle Services
Private Sector Probe Information ProvidersOwnsPrivate Sector Probe Information Systems
Public and Private Weather ProvidersOwnsUS Weather Service Forecasting System
Public Private Car ShareOwnsPublic / Private Car Share Vehicles
OwnsPublic Private Car Share
OwnsTraveler Support Equipment for Shared Rides
Public Private Info Service Providers (ISP)OwnsPrivate Transit Routing Service Provider
OwnsPublic Private Traveler Information
OwnsSocial Networking Services
Public Private Map CompanyOwnsGoogle Mapping
OwnsMap Update System
OwnsTrapeze Mapping
Public Private Parking Management SystemsOwnsPublic / Private Parking Management System
Rail AgenciesOwnsRail Grade Wayside Warning Systems
OwnsRail Operations Center
San Diego Convention and Visitors BureauOwnsTourist Information System
San Diego CountyOwnsCounty 800 Comm System
OwnsCounty Asset Management Center
OwnsCounty Data Archive
OwnsCounty DPW Dispatch
OwnsCounty DPW Flood Control
OwnsCounty DPW Vehicles
OwnsCounty Edge ITS Field Equipment
OwnsCounty Fire Authority
OwnsCounty Fire Vehicles
OwnsCounty Fleet Management and Repair
OwnsCounty Fleet Vehicles
OwnsCounty ITS Field Equipment
OwnsCounty OES Services
OwnsCounty Permitting Center
OwnsCounty Sheriff Dispatch
OwnsCounty Sheriff Vehicles
OwnsCounty TMC
San Diego Gas and ElectricOwnsSan Diego Gas and Electric Map
SANDAGOwns511 – FSP Dispatch
Owns511 FSP Vehicles
Owns511 IVR
Owns511 SD Operator
Owns511 SD System
OwnsFasTrak Transponder
OwnsMobility Hub Kiosk
OperatesSan Diego Regional Archived Data System
OwnsSan Diego Regional Archived Data System
OwnsSan Diego Regional Data Distribution System
OwnsSANDAG Back–Office Archived Data
OwnsSANDAG Connected Vehicle Field Equipment
OwnsSANDAG Electronic Tolling Administration
OwnsSANDAG ITS Credential Management System
OwnsSANDAG Payment Administration Center
OwnsSANDAG Regional Parking Management
OwnsSANDAG Service Monitoring Equipment
OwnsSANDAG Support Maintenance Equipment
OwnsSANDAG TIC and Website
OwnsSANDAG Virtual TMCs
OwnsSANDAG Warehouse Map
OwnsSouthern California Electronic Toll Collection
OwnsTolling Enforcement Center
OwnsTolling Traveler Support
Servicio de Administracion Tributaria (SAT)–Mexico AduanasOwnsAduanas Field Equipment
OwnsAduanas Website
OwnsMexican Border Inspection Administration Systems
OwnsMexican Border Inspection Systems
OwnsMexican Border Inspection Systems (BWT Processing)
OwnsSAT Data Warehouse
Shipment Logistics ProvidersOwnsShipment Logistics Providers Systems
Southern California Regional Rail Authority (SCRAA)OwnsMetrolink Dispatch
OwnsMetrolink Information Displays
OwnsMetrolink Trains
Telecom System OperatorsOwnsVerizon LTE Cellular Network
Time and Data SourcesOwnsNetwork Time Source
OwnsVehicle GPS and Time Data
Transportation Network Cooperative (TNC) OrganizationsOwnsTrans Network Co–op (TNC) Centers
Travelers Border Crossing Travelers
OwnsBus Information Apps
OwnsConnected Vehicle On–Board Local Route Guidance
OwnsIn Vehicle Elec Toll Tags
OwnsPersonal Payment Device
OwnsPrivate Vehicles
OwnsTraveler ID Card
OwnsUser Personal Information Devices
OwnsVulnerable Road Users
Tribal GovernmentsOwnsTribal Emergency Management Centers
OwnsTribal ITS Field Equipment
OwnsTribal Maintenance Operations
OwnsTribal MCO Vehicles
OwnsTribal PD and Fire
OwnsTribal PD and Fire Vehicles
OwnsTribal Transportation Operations
US Border PatrolOwnsCBP Border Patrol
OwnsUS Inland Check Point
US Bureau of Transportation StatisticsOwnsUS Bureau of Transportation Statistics Systems
US Customs and Border ProtectionOwnsUS Border Inspection Administration Systems
OwnsUS Border Inspection Systems
OwnsUS Border Inspection Systems (BWT Processing)
OwnsUS Border Services Field Equipment
OwnsUS CBP Facility Master Plan System
OwnsUS CBP Website
US Emergency Management Agencies (OME)OwnsUS Emergency Operations Center (OME)
US Federal LandsOwnsUS FHWA Federal Lands Planning System
US General Services AdministrationOwnsUS GSA Infrastructure Planning System
US Public Health AgenciesOwnsUS Public Health Systems