Service Packages

One of the first steps in developing an architecture is to identify the transportation services that are important to the Region. The following table lists each service package and its applicability to the Region. More information about each service package can be obtained by selecting the service package in the table below.

Area Service Package Service Package Name
Commercial Vehicle OperationsCVO03Electronic Clearance – Inland Check
Electronic Clearance – Mexican State CVO – Roadside
Electronic Clearance – US State – Centers
Electronic Clearance – US State – Roadside
CVO04CV Administrative Processes – MX Govt
CV Administrative Processes – State Govt to Carrier
CV Administrative Processes – State Govt to Govt
CVO05Regional Commercial Vehicle Parking
CVO09SD Freight–Specific Dynamic Travel Planning
CVO12Regional HAZMAT Management
Data ManagementDM01Caltrans D–11 Data Warehouse
CHP Data Archives
Cities ITS Data Warehouse
City of San Diego Data Archives
MTS Data Archives
NCTD Data Archives
Regional ITS Data Warehouse
San Diego County ITS Data Warehouse
SANDAG ITS Data Warehouse
TNC ITS Data Warehouse
Tribal Data Archives
U.S. – ITS Planning Data Warehouse
DM02Caltrans D–11 Performance Monitoring
SANDAG Performance Monitoring
Maintenance and ConstructionMC01Caltrans MCO Vehicle and Equipment Tracking
Cities MCO Vehicle and Equipment Tracking
County Vehicle and Equip Tracking
Emerging Cities Vehicle and Equipment Tracking
San Diego MCO Vehicle and Equipment Tracking
MC02Caltrans MCO Vehicle Maintenance
Cities / PW MCO Vehicle Maintenance
County MCO Vehicle Maintenance
Emerging Cities MCO Vehicle Maintenance
San Diego MCO Vehicle Maintenance
MC05Caltrans Roadway MCO
Cities Roadway MCO
County Roadway MCO
Emerging Cities Roadway Maintenance Operations
San Diego Roadway MCO
MC06Caltrans Work Zone Management
Cities Work Zone Management
County Work Zone Management
Emerging Cities Work Zone Management
San Diego City Work Zone Management
Parking ManagementPM01Regional Parking and Curb Management
San Diego Micromobility Parking
Transit Curb Management
PM02MTS Smart Park and Ride System
NCTD Smart Park and Ride System
PM03San Diego Parking and Enforcement
PM04San Diego Regional Parking Management
PM05Parking Reservations
PM06Curb Management Loading Zone
Public SafetyPS01Regional Emergency Call–Taking and Dispatch
PS02Caltrans Highway Emergency Response
Regional Emergency Response
PS03Cities Emergency Vehicle Preemption
County Emergency Vehicle Preemption
San Diego Emergency Vehicle Preemption
PS04City–County Fleet Vehicle Mayday Notification
Regional Auto Mayday Notification
Transit Mayday Notification
PS05Regional Connected V2V Auto Emergency Info
PS08San Diego Freeway Service Patrols
PS10Regional Traveler Wide–Area Alert
PS12Regional Disaster Response and Recovery
PS13Regional Evacuation and Reentry Management
PS14Regional Disaster Traveler Information
Public TransportationPT01Metrolink Train Tracking
MTS Light Rail Tracking
MTS ParaTransit Vehicle Tracking
MTS Transit Vehicle Tracking
NCTD Commuter Rail Vehicle Tracking
NCTD Paratransit and FLEX Tracking
NCTD Transit Vehicle Tracking
PT02MTS Rail Fixed–Route Operations
MTS Transit Fixed–Route Operations
NCTD Rail Fixed–Route Operations
NCTD Transit Fixed–Route Operations
PT03Dynamic Micro Mobility Operations
MTS Dynamic Transit Operations
NCTD Flex Dynamic Transit Operations
Regional TNC Operations
PT04MTS Transit Fare Collection Service
NCTD Transit Fare Collection Service
PT05Metrolink Rail Security
MTS Transit Security
NCTD Transit Security
PT06Metrolink Transit Fleet Management
MTS Transit Fleet Management
NCTD Transit Fleet Management
PT07Connecting Regional Rail Passenger Counting
MTS Transit Passenger Counting
NCTD Transit Passenger Counting
PT08Border Region Transit Traveler Information
Metrolink Commuter Traveler Information
NCTD Commuter Traveler Information
Regional Traffic Managment Center (RTMC)
PT09MTS Transit Signal Priority
NCTD BRT Transit Signal Priority
PT10Next Gen Rapid Transit Lanes Curbside
Regional TOL Bus Lanes I–805
PT11MTS Transit Pedestrian Indication
NCTD Transit Pedestrian Indication
PT12MTS Transit Vehicle at Station/Stop Warnings
NCTD Transit Vehicle at Station/Stop Warnings
PT14Border Region Transit Management
Multimodal Rail – Airport Services
Regional Transit Management System
PT15MTS Transit Stop Request
NCTD Transit Stop Request
PT17Lane Management on Arterials – Transit Connection Protection
MTS Transit Connection Protection
NCTD Transit Connection Protection
PT18Demand Management Multi–Modal Electronic Payment
FasTrak (toll fares)
Regional Multi–Modal Compass Cloud Fare Payment
Sustainable TravelST01Regional Emissions Monitoring
ST05MTS and NCTD Transit Electric Charging Stations
Public – Private Electric Charging Stations
ST06Regional HOV/HOT Lane Management
SupportSU03Regional Data Hub (existing)
SU04Regional Map Management
Regional Transit Map Management
SU05Regional ITS Location and Time
SU08Connected Vehicle Security and Credentials Management
SU09Caltrans Device Certification and Enrollment
Traveler InformationTI01Border Broadcast Traveler Information
Regional Broadcast Traveler Information – SD 511
Transit Equity – Broadcast Traveler Info
WAID Alerting Broadcast Traveler Information
TI02Personalized Traveler Information – SD 511
TI03BWT Dynamic Route Guidance (SD County)
Regional Real–time Dynamic Route Guidance
TI04Cal ITP Commuter Trip Planning and Route Guidance
TI05Mobility Hubs – Travel Services Information and Reservations
TI06Dynamic Ridesharing–Micro Transit–TNC/Bike/Uber/Lyft
TI07Connected Vehicle In–Vehicle Signage
Traffic ManagementTM01Cities Infrastructure–Based Traffic Surveillance
City of San Diego Infrastructure–Based Traffic Surveillance
Emerging Cities Infrastructure–Based Traffic Surveillance
San Diego County Infrastructure–Based Traffic Surveillance
TM02Caltrans and Regional Probe Surveillance
Vehicle Traffic Surveillance
TM03Cities Traffic Signal Control
County Traffic Signal Control
Emerging Cities Traffic Signal Control
San Diego Traffic Signal Control
Tribal Traffic Signal Control
TM04Regional Connected Vehicle Traffic Signal System
TM05Caltrans ATMS Ramp Metering System
Regional Traffic Metering Systems – Lane Control
TM06Caltrans Traffic Information Dissemination
Regional Traffic Information Dissemination
TM07San Diego Regional Traffic Control
TM08Caltrans Highway Traffic Incident Management System
Regional Traffic Incident Management System
TM09SANDAG Integrated Demand Management System
TM10SANDAG Electronic Toll Collection
South Bay Expressway (FasTrak)
TM11San Diego Congestion Pricing
TM12San Diego Road Hazard Warning
TM13San Diego Rail Crossing Notifications
TM17Vehicle Speed Warning and Enforcement
TM19Caltrans – CHP Roadway Closure Management
TM20Variable Speeds and Lane Control
TM22Dynamic Lane Lighting for Transit use
Dynamic Lane Management and Shoulder Use for TOL Project
Regional Dynamic Lane Management for Curb and Shoulder Use
TM23San Diego Border Management Systems
Southbound Automated Border Wait Time System (SD County)
TM24MTS Heavy Rail Tunnel Management
Vehicle SafetyVS01San Diego Autonomous Vehicle Safety Systems
VS02San Diego V2V Basic Safety
VS03San Diego Connected Vehicle Situational Awareness
VS12Micro Transit Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety
VS13Smart Intersection CV Based Safety
VS16Automated Transit Vehicle Operations
San Diego Automated Vehicle Operations
WeatherWX01ICMS Weather Data Collection
WX02San Diego Weather Information Processing and Distribution