5 Big Moves #5: Next OS


The Next Operating System (OS) represents the "back office" or the "brain" of the entire transportation system. It is a digital platform that uses technology and data to serve as a bridge to connect the management policies and procedures that permit the management of different modes of transportation (i.e. passenger vehicles, buses, ride–sharing vehicles, delivery trucks, autonomous vehicles, bikes, scooters, and more) to improve overall efficiency and accessibility for people and goods to move throughout the region.

Next OS includes ICM on I–15, tolling services back office activities for SBX and SR11, regional 511 – Trip Planner, and the Regional Border Management System (RBMS). These systems utilize outside "terminators" or vendors that provide the ability to manage these systems (i.e. financial institutions, financial apps, parking management vendors, etc.). Next OS modernizes the existing transportation system by using technology to better manage supply and demand. The result will be roadways and transit services that operate more smoothly and serve people with improved access to services.

Projects that fall within Next OS will be evaluated against SANDAG 2021 Regional Transportation Plan goals and objectives.


CVO04–CV Administrative Processes – State Govt to Carrier
CVO04–CV Administrative Processes – State Govt to Govt
DM01–Caltrans D–11 Data Warehouse
DM01–CHP Data Archives
DM01–Cities ITS Data Warehouse
DM01–City of San Diego Data Archives
DM01–MTS Data Archives
DM01–NCTD Data Archives
DM01–Regional ITS Data Warehouse
DM01–San Diego County ITS Data Warehouse
DM01–SANDAG ITS Data Warehouse
DM01–TNC ITS Data Warehouse
DM01–Tribal Data Archives
DM01–U.S. – ITS Planning Data Warehouse
DM01–U.S. – Mexican ITS Data Warehouse
DM02–Caltrans D–11 Performance Monitoring
DM02–SANDAG Performance Monitoring
MC06–Caltrans Work Zone Management
MC06–Cities Work Zone Management
MC06–County Work Zone Management
MC06–Emerging Cities Work Zone Management
MC06–San Diego City Work Zone Management
PM01–Regional Parking and Curb Management
PM01–San Diego Micromobility Parking
PM01–Transit Curb Management
PM04–San Diego Regional Parking Management
PM06–Curb Management Loading Zone
PS01–Regional Emergency Call–Taking and Dispatch
PS02–Caltrans Highway Emergency Response
PS02–Regional Emergency Response
PS04–City–County Fleet Vehicle Mayday Notification
PS04–Regional Auto Mayday Notification
PS04–Transit Mayday Notification
PS08–San Diego Freeway Service Patrols
PS10–Regional Traveler Wide–Area Alert
PS12–Regional Disaster Response and Recovery
PS13–Regional Evacuation and Reentry Management
PS14–Regional Disaster Traveler Information
PT08–Metrolink Commuter Traveler Information
PT08–NCTD Commuter Traveler Information
PT10–Next Gen Rapid Transit Lanes Curbside
PT14–Regional Transit Management System
PT18–Demand Management Multi–Modal Electronic Payment
PT18–FasTrak (toll fares)
PT18–Regional Multi–Modal Compass Cloud Fare Payment
ST01–Regional Emissions Monitoring
ST05–Public – Private Electric Charging Stations
ST06–Regional HOV/HOT Lane Management
SU04–Regional Map Management
SU04–Regional Transit Map Management
SU05–Regional ITS Location and Time
SU08–Connected Vehicle Security and Credentials Management
SU09–Caltrans Device Certification and Enrollment
TI01–Border Broadcast Traveler Information
TI01–Regional Broadcast Traveler Information – SD 511
TI01–Transit Equity – Broadcast Traveler Info
TI01–WAID Alerting Broadcast Traveler Information
TI02–Personalized Traveler Information – SD 511
TI03–BWT Dynamic Route Guidance (SD County)
TI03–Regional Real–time Dynamic Route Guidance
TM02–Caltrans and Regional Probe Surveillance
TM04–Regional Connected Vehicle Traffic Signal System
TM06–Caltrans Traffic Information Dissemination
TM06–Regional Traffic Information Dissemination
TM07–San Diego Regional Traffic Control
TM08–Caltrans Highway Traffic Incident Management System
TM08–Regional Traffic Incident Management System
TM09–SANDAG Integrated Demand Management System
TM11–San Diego Congestion Pricing
TM12–San Diego Road Hazard Warning
TM13–San Diego Rail Crossing Notifications
TM19–Caltrans – CHP Roadway Closure Management
TM22–Dynamic Lane Management and Shoulder Use for TOL Project
TM22–Regional Dynamic Lane Management for Curb and Shoulder Use
TM23–San Diego Border Management Systems
TM23–Southbound Automated Border Wait Time System (SD County)
VS03–San Diego Connected Vehicle Situational Awareness
VS16–San Diego Automated Vehicle Operations
WX01–ICMS Weather Data Collection
WX02–San Diego Weather Information Processing and Distribution