5 Big Moves #4: Flexible Fleets


The Flexible Fleets strategy builds on the popularity of shared mobility services such as on–demand rideshare, bikeshare, and scootershare. These fleets provide different mobility options and vehicles for all types of trips, reducing the need for car ownership. These services provide travelers with a range of mobility options to connect to high–speed transit and other important destinations by providing a last–mile connection or fulfilling a complete trip.

Projects that fall within Flexible Fleets will be evaluated against SANDAG 2021 Regional Transportation Plan goals and objectives.


CVO03–Electronic Clearance – Inland Check
CVO03–Electronic Clearance – US State – Centers
CVO03–Electronic Clearance – US State – Roadside
CVO05–Regional Commercial Vehicle Parking
CVO09–SD Freight–Specific Dynamic Travel Planning
CVO12–Regional HAZMAT Management
MC01–Caltrans MCO Vehicle and Equipment Tracking
MC01–Cities MCO Vehicle and Equipment Tracking
MC01–County Vehicle and Equip Tracking
MC01–Emerging Cities Vehicle and Equipment Tracking
MC01–San Diego MCO Vehicle and Equipment Tracking
MC02–Caltrans MCO Vehicle Maintenance
MC02–Cities / PW MCO Vehicle Maintenance
MC02–County MCO Vehicle Maintenance
MC02–Emerging Cities MCO Vehicle Maintenance
MC02–San Diego MCO Vehicle Maintenance
MC05–Caltrans Roadway MCO
MC05–Cities Roadway MCO
MC05–County Roadway MCO
MC05–Emerging Cities Roadway Maintenance Operations
MC05–San Diego Roadway MCO
PM01–San Diego Micromobility Parking
PM06–Loading Zone Management
PS03–Cities Emergency Vehicle Preemption
PS03–County Emergency Vehicle Preemption
PS03–San Diego Emergency Vehicle Preemption
PS04–City–County Fleet Vehicle Mayday Notification
PS04–Regional Auto Mayday Notification
PS05–Regional Connected V2V Auto Emergency Info
PS08–San Diego Freeway Service Patrols
PS12–Regional Disaster Response and Recovery
PS13–Regional Evacuation and Reentry Management
PT03–Dynamic Micro Mobility Operations
PT03–MTS Dynamic Transit Operations
PT03–NCTD Flex Dynamic Transit Operations
PT03–Regional TNC Operations
PT06–Metrolink Transit Fleet Management
PT06–MTS Transit Fleet Management
PT06–NCTD Transit Fleet Management
SU06–Object Registration and Discovery
SU09–Caltrans Device Certification and Enrollment
TI02–Personalized Traveler Information – SD 511
TI03–BWT Dynamic Route Guidance (SD County)
TI03–Regional Real–time Dynamic Route Guidance
TI05–Travel Services Information and Reservation
TI06–Dynamic Ridesharing–Micro Transit–TNC/Bike/Uber/Lyft
TI07–Connected Vehicle In–Vehicle Signage
VS01–San Diego Autonomous Vehicle Safety Systems
VS02–San Diego V2V Basic Safety
VS03–San Diego Connected Vehicle Situational Awareness
VS06–Stop Sign Gap Assist
VS08–San Diego V2V Queue Warning Project (Instance 1)
VS12–Micro Transit Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety
VS16–San Diego Automated Vehicle Operations